Style of therapy

Abrar uses a diverse range of therapy styles including reflex point diagnosis of the foot and cranial sacral techniques, combing trigger point and myofascial stretching techniques that work to open and affect change in the body’s nervous system, hormonal system and visceral organ functioning. Lymphatic drainage and gentle massage is used to activate detoxification.

What to expect

Working with the Ascended Masters and the beautiful Healing Entities of Love & Light, you will be receiving a healing and activation of your channel through energy transmissions specifically for you and guided processes to support the development of your gifts. You will be supported to heal unconscious fears, build confidence and assist you to connect and awakening your clairvoyant and intuitive abilities that are unique to you.

Reported benefits

  • Feeling more energy and vitality
  • More peaceful, relaxed and rejuvenated
  • Less stress and a feeling of increased well being
  • Feeling of youthfulness and improved physical appearance
  • Gain of insight into future path
  • Feelings of physical healing taking place
  • A gain of insight as to the cause of an ailment or dis-harmony

What people are saying about Abrar's therapy